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Fourth Row:  Lee Goldammer, Elwin Unruh, Greg Erickson, Allan Pulscher, Darrell Bolen, Larry Lamp, Evan Hetland, Todd Schmidt, Mike Binger.  Third Row:  Art Wienke, Robert Runyan, Wendell Brenneman, Ken Horter, Doug Hoisington, Derold Espeland, Dick Kallemeyn, director Alan Stanga.  Second Row:  Doug Berkland, Bill Roberts,  Christian Scholl, Len Neugebauer, Claude Krause, JackHamilton, Larry Zikmund, accompanist Katie Thompson, Bruce Naasz.  Front Row:  Bob Johnson, Harold Hanson, Wally Nelson, Ken Stanga, Neal Rinehart, Harvey Jewell, John Hamilton, John Moe


Rehearsals WHEN THEY RESUME will be held at 1700 W Russell in the Armory at the ALLIANCE Complex in Sioux Falls on Monday nights at 7:00 P.M.

The Singing Legionnaires perform at area churches, senior living facilities, veteran events, and other special activities throughout the year.

If you would like to hear a sample of our singing, please email Bruce Naasz at and he will send you an audio file for you to listen to.




Bruce Naasz, President (605) 310-6210,

John Hamilton, Vice President (605) 261-3603,

Mike Binger, Secretary (605) 929-4867,

Bruce Naasz, Treasurer  310-6210,

Terry Gullickson, Director (605) 261-0506,